Culinary Rio 

 Brazilian barbecue class
during sunset
in a rooftop with a beautiful view,
Vidigal Favela, Rio de Janeiro

The one BBQ class that will set you apart

Imagine getting invited to EVERYONE's barbecue and cook out, simply because you mastered the art of cooking steaks like a Brazilian chef!

This is the goal of this class: to graduate you in everything you'll need to know to impress all your friends and guests at the grill.

In a few hours, you'll accompany Chef Luis Malta as he selects, seasons the cuts, fires up the grill and brazes different meats so they can achieve different flavors. Some cuts are meant to be soft, others savory and rich.

Our favela rooftop in Vidigal overlooks Ipanema Beach. Vidigal is famous for being the safest neighborhood in Rio for the last 15 years (yes, even among neighborhoods and not just favelas! You`ll soak up this view while soaking up caipirinhas and tasting some savory cuts you'll be grilling.

How this BBQ class experience flows:

What you`ll learn

Picanha steak (top-sirlon)

Cupim (Hump steak, not rump-steak)



Capirinha (in various fruits)

Batida de coco (coconut alcoholic drink)


Brazilian Onion-Farofa

Onion Farofa


Banana Ribs

Batida de coco


About our bbq chef

Chef Luis Malta is a sous-chef at a 5-star hotel in Rio. He can look at a cut of meat and tell you what it will taste like, whether it will be too tough, too soft or just rich in flavors, savory and umami full.

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